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Damaged But Not Condemned

Encouragement And Prayer

What do you do when you feel hopeless, loss, and inferior?

Where do you turn when you feel all is lost and God has forgotten your address.

This book will strengthen, encourage and help you navigate through your day to day journey called life.

Min.Phyllis D. Trafton

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The Suicide Survivor

One year after writing my first book "Daddy's Little Girl & Mommy's Dreaded Seed" some things still had to be purged from within me.  Things in my life were going very well until two incidents in the world wide news exposed a deep hurt within me that I felt had to be shared.

You see I am a suicide survivor and as a survivor another part on my onion peel had to be removed.

I felt the need to share my story of how I thought, hoe I loved, how I lived and how I emerged from this dark time in my life.

I survived, but a lot of other people did not.  It was a time of utter and complete darkness.  The kind that you almost can't describe!

The word depression is a dress up term used by people as a title for that darkness, but there is a root to that darkness.  A root that has a dismal, bleak and sunless feeling coming from within accompanied by ugliness and an overwhelming sadness that runs deep.

But...I am a survivor!  I am more than a conqueror!

Min. Phyllis D. Trafton