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An extraordinary life
starts with self care.

Discover three simple actions you can take right now to positively impact your body, mind and life.

Step back from the overload and find some time for yourself

If your life looks great on paper
but feels like crap in real life,

we need to talk.

My role as a Mental Health Coach:

Mental health coaching empowers clients to envision life without depression or other obstacles that impede on their emotional well-being. It is a niche within the coaching field which touches on therapy, but it does not work with or attempt to treat mental illness.

A good coach can help their clients see the world in a new way, turn pessimism into optimism, and think with a glass-half-full attitude instead of a glass half-empty attitude. 

The main function of a health coach is to empower clients to cultivate a healthier lifestyle from a stand point of how God see’s them. My foundation is from the Word of God! Examples of specific duties may include: Assessing a client’s current health condition; Developing health goals for a client; Providing counseling services; Documenting a client’s progress and Conducting behavioral health screenings.


Recognize – evaluate and assess

Refer – establish starting point for care

Relate – create meaningful connections and break stigma

Restore – provide direction and support, sanctification process

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Min. Phyllis Trafton

My mission is to empower women to love the skin they’re in
so that they finally start living a full and extraordinary life.

"I realized that I didn’t want other women to reach the place of where they loathe themselves as much as I had. I decided that I wanted to help them stop hiding and start living.

I now work with women – online or in-person to help them discover their own strength and brilliance, and to start loving the skin, and life, they’re in."

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I’m working 

on myself,

for myself,

by myself.”