Merry Christmas!!!!

Grace and Peace to you! Merry Christmas Family!

Today’s uplift: For God so loved the world “…that He gave His only begotten Son.” (John 3:16)

Each Christmas we remember how deeply God loves us. His wondrous plan of salvation—first set in motion in the Garden of Eden—was miraculously manifested in the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ some two millennia ago. Christ then made our salvation complete by sacrificing Himself for us. He victoriously conquered sin and death and is alive forevermore!

This is the true reason we celebrate Christ’s birth, and it is fitting we give gifts at Christmas to remember God’s perfect “Gift” to us.

For many, Christmas ushers in the season of hustle and bustle. There are gifts to buy, trees to top, Christmas plays to attend, and parties to enjoy. Our wallets feel the stress and so do we. But for others, there’s little joy and even less hope. Some may feel like they’re scrambling to escape the clutches of darkness due to grief, depression, feelings of worthlessness, discouragement, and more.

Thank God, Jesus is the reason for the season! Yes, thank God! He brings hope to both bleak and bustling lives, for those of us in the darkness and those who’ve simply forgotten to slow down and enjoy the presence and love of our Savior. Sometimes we get so busy during the holidays that we forget we have hope. We miss the point of Christmas, placing importance on gifts and parties—not Jesus. But this year, you and I don’t have

to miss out. We can cling to His hope, revel in His love, spread His love and experience the embrace of the Savior born in that simple manger. Now is the time to stop and reflect just why we really celebrate this time. As Christians, we are the ones who know the real meaning of Christmas and why it is a time of celebration and what that celebration means to all who will believe.

If there were no Jesus, there would be no Christmas. As you see the many slogans being pandered around you, take time every day to explain the real meaning of what is being said.... "Peace on earth, good will to men"... "Joy to the world... "Hark, the herald Angels sing"... ,"round yon virgin, mother and Child". Think about what each of these things means to you as a Christian, then share them with others, especially with others who don’t know Jesus or understand his incredible, eternal love for us all.

As you prepare your gift list, be sure to make the first gift for everyone on your list the free gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you ponder on the One who is the Reason for the Season, make sure that you know Who He is – that He is God (not A god). Just as He identified Himself to Moses in Exodus 3 as "I AM", He identified Himself to the Jews in John 8:54 again as "I AM".

Overcomer, during this time and after the holiday is over, remember WHO Jesus is, and remind everyone you see of the Reason for the Season." am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me". John 14:6

Merry Christmas!

Be Optimistic; Be Open Minded; Be an Over comer!!

Love P.


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