Organization Has Benefits!

Grace and Peace!

Today’s uplift: Organization has Benefits! Sadly, there’s no secret formula to getting organized. You’re either are a neat person or you are not! I can tell you that there are benefits to getting your home neat. Getting your home neater also helps you get your life neater and more organized. Some of you are working from home now and during the day you may have some time to start some small projects. Sloppiness adds additional stress in your life. When you are running behind schedule and you can’t find your car keys you become stressed! Let’s face it… if you are a very sloppy person you are probably also a procrastinator. How are you going to win souls for Christ if you are not organized enough to find your bible!

If I had to choose one thing that makes a huge difference to home and personal organization, it’s this: Getting organized is much easier to achieve via small, daily organizing actions than through grand, life-changing plans. In general, big plans to get organized bring out the perfectionist in you which leads you to procrastinate. The more grandiose your vision of a perfectly organized life, the more procrastination will sabotage you. Even if you do go on a massive organizing rampage, the results will be short-lived unless you keep up good de-cluttering and organizing habits.

Do your friends or family think you are a slob? Do you want to have a less stressed life? Are you finally ready to be able to invite people into your home without always apologizing? Then here are some ideas to make improvements and get organized!

Rearrange your furniture. Most people's houses look cluttered because of a sofa, a chair or table right in the middle of a small room. Re-arranging your furniture can also make your house look bigger and brighter.

Make the bed. It sends a powerful message of order and self-care to your subconscious.

· Put things away after using them. Yes everything! If there’s no place to put something use storage bins to organize them until there is a place for them. When you find items that you haven’t used in a while and you know that you won’t use them get rid of them!

· If you notice something broken and know you won’t repair it (be honest – you probably won’t), then discard or donate it immediately.

· Be alert for anything not used and discard or donate it immediately. Keeping it is costing you time, space, energy, and mental clutter.

· Wipe down the kitchen sink, bathtub, toilets, and counters. After you eat clean your dining table. You’ll feel organized as you head to bed and when you get up in the morning.

· Load and run the dishwasher or wash the dishes after dinner. Dirty dishes are demoralizing. Don’t retire for the night with your sink full of dirty dishes.

· Quickly run the vacuum cleaner over the kitchen and living-area floor. It’ll take just a few minutes, but will make a big difference to the way your home looks and feels. And yes, you can vacuum the kitchen rather than sweep!

· Check whether anything needs replacing in your kitchen, bathroom, or office and add items to your diary, shopping app, or to-do list.

· Get your lunch ready for the next day or take out what you are going to prepare for tomorrow’s dinner. Do anything tonight that will ease morning stress tomorrow.

· Put clothes in the hamper or hang them up to air after wearing, and put laundered or aired clothes away. Be kind to your clothes and shoes.

Overcomer, doing these things costs a little time, but the rewards include being organized, setting a good example for the kids or your spouse, having more energy and motivation, and feeling great!

Be Optimistic; Be Open Minded; Be an Over comer!!


Min. P.

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